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Pirimlar Companion Chair

World's Toughest Companion Seats

We build the world's ensağla Pirie my companion seats as furniture. We recommend that you always offer us if you need to Refkatç seat. Pirie and companion seats and the design is capable of being the most robust in the world as strength in both patient companion seats.

We expect Pirie are engaged in the production of furniture for 30 years as a furniture company is no longer a companion seats in üretmektedir.türki the elite hospitals Pirie participating in fuarlarına companion seats to the world's most robust and useful companion seats are engineered üretiyor.pırım and companion seats sizleride.

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We're manufacturing all kinds of companion seats

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Companion Chair What is it?

What is the seat for a companion? = Usually hospitals, guest houses, dormitories, schools, hotels and hostels companion seats to the growing place of emergency as of today are the seat mattress, which could also see quite popular in modern homes. 2 + 1, 1 + 1 or from studio-style apartments in space-constrained single or double sofa-bed with companion seat are also widely preferred. Apart from that, in the luxury home nurse, a companion for services such as child care seat is used. Companion seat and seat responsive to the industry in general as well as bed needs much space and are called to practice opening in the seat. It is preferred because of the advantageous use in corporate and individual intake.

Companion Chair Uses = Location and purpose can be used in almost any environment experiencing shortages. Many firms engaged in public service should explain how much room for so much understanding customers seeks. It's a sense of comfort and contrary to the standard if it means a drop of architects and engineers in full to shrink both space standards are trying to pick up. The result is that the manufacturers and suppliers of portable and has declined to produce multi-purpose products. Both table and coffee table with products, wall-recessed litter, practical solutions such as chairs etc etc bed .. In particular, hospital and room number of the multiplicity of such hotels = customer room = In the business which meant financial gain anything being designed room meticulously every square centimeter and accordingly written technical specifications related to product purchases are to be made in areas such companion is increasing many times the importance of the seat. Today, even home owners in their homes or home entertaining guests at a maximum rate of benefit on behalf of companion seats can stay in more comfortable surroundings of the population.

Companion Chair Specifications = Sponge: sponge we use in our companion seat 32 depending on the DNS gray gray hard or soft sponge customer requests. In the upper arm uses a 3-inch or 2-inch Bondex gray rigid foam sponge. Skeleton: Companion Chair of our 1.2 mm thick, 20x20 mm, 20x30 mm, 20x 40 mm are used in iron profile 20x50 mm. Maximum durability and efficiency in some places to have boiled some of the horizontal and vertical location. In the box arms and frame moldings as using high efficiency equipment it has been baked beech tree. In addition, the seat frame using the supplied double-skeletal formation times more iron and 60% of the product profile is similar in this sense, even the exact times görnütü and ensuring that higher quality and sound. Fabric: Companion Chair of our upholstery fabrics and leathers completely mass production of fabrics and is used as a skin. Selecting those who are laid below the skin of the most robust fiber and lined in faux leather. In terms of fabrics to choose from, we yaptırmakt products using the company we have enjoyed for years. It provides us with a seat frame and a high quality material that was already worthy. Our fabric is also easy to clean Resistant to abrasion and impact is another issue we pay attention.

Why Our Companion Chair bananas? = In principle, we do not have this seat so sell I say thought, everywhere seat slid to look into the eyes of people we do not have an idea as to make hate ourselves :) Just have satisfied our nice thing whether the customer is to make our customers our own ad Our biggest goal. We produce a lot of material interest in our products quality and comfort blended. The pricing has been left to the last. If you pay attention to our products compared to seats and other firms in the market it is becoming more of a pleasant eye. The underlying reason for this of course is quality and comfortable manufacturing thoughts.

Manufacturing and Delivery = Order issued by our company and companion seats 10 inside Istanbul in Istanbul is under orders to be delivered in 5 days outside Turkey Type general cargo ships with economic. In the 10 and over in order to estimate production time to meet with our customer representatives. TURKEY ALL INDIVIDUAL AND INSTITUTIONAL JIGS. If QUOTA WITHOUT ANY NUMBER AND CHARGES 100 PCS WISH WISH you one.

We serve City (City you live) = we send all of our companion seat across Turkey. companion seat we can transmit orders to have them delivered to one day express delivery by courier. We will send a professional company engaged in cargo transportation all over the turkey completely Istanbul- delivery companion seats for turkey. Cleaned and packed carefully before sending the seats you ordered. Stretch film patpat Companion Chair packed with boxes and has now become ready to get going. The heart of the manufacturing sector is Istanbul. In the city you live in vain companion seat manufacturing, said the search. Many seats are manufactured in Istanbul and you will be found because it can not show the diversity of current manufacturing presence in the city you live in Istanbul as well. With your orders in consultation with our customer representatives can give you all the complacency of Turkey in general.


Companion Chair

Room of the hospital is a little sad. Disease and most patients we think is the location of many problems when attached to our heads. Your partner in one, your child, you still, your aunt, your uncle, your mother or your father, you are a companion, who wonder sometimes more than that, you are trying to understand people. He next to you lying in bed, sleeping in, or uyuyamıyork that you wrestle the companion seat ed in the brains of your questions: Why are my relatives, my daughter / son / mother / dad / cousin / beech my father / mother-in-law I / found my friend this disease? It was something he did wrong, is he faced with this disease? Could I have cancer? Me or my wife, my child? If so how can I help her? What to eat, what should drink, how to live? They talk about the new drug or method? Could it really effective? I wonder if one day the disease can progress? Become wheelchair-dependent? olurmu bedridden? How should I talk to him? Should tell you what, what should I say? How should I behave? So many questions come to the mind of man, so the image is not what goes in your brain? Right next to the person you love, you lying on the Companion Chair. Get a lot of questions in your mind ... Pirie companion seat for you, producing the World's Toughest companion seat for you in order to sleep. Do you want to get more comfortable companion seats for your guests to your house seat istermisiniz.b What do you say? We are here ..
Companion Chair